Thursday, February 6, 2020

Serial Killer Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Serial Killer - Research Paper Example His brutality can be analyzed from the fact that he labeled the spraying of cyanide on to his prey as the best killing option that he liked. Richard Kuklinski was a criminal who did not feel guilty about his acts. His dark childhood laid an impact on his future killings (Holmes et al 2009; Martin 2006). Richard Kuklinski was born to Anna and Stanley Kuklinski. They belonged to a low income household. His father was an alcoholic and his mother was a Catholic and a strong follower of her religion. He received many beatings at the hands of his father and his mother. The cruelty with which his father used to beat the children can be analyzed from the fact that his beatings resulted in the death of one of Richard’s siblings. Thus, Richard was brought up in a very disturbed household. His childhood was not only darkened by the trauma that he had to suffer at his house, but Richard was also the victim of the bullies of his neighborhood (Shaw 2008). The instillation of violence in his character began at an early age. He used to make the cats of his neighborhood as the victim of his violence. He committed his first murder at the bare age of 14. He killed a boy named Johnny who was bullying him by using a cue stick as his weapon. His first killing raised his spirits and he continued this act of killing anyone who displeased him. He got married to a woman named Barbara at the age of 26 years. He then adapted the criminal path for his livelihood. He first sold pornographic material and later he became a hit man for the Gambino family. He fell in the hands of the police authorities in the year 1986 during a major crackdown operation (Holmes et al 2009; Martin 2006). The differential association theory of crime truly depicts the character of Richard Kuklinski. The differential association theory puts forward the fact that a person is directed towards committing of crime from what he learns and sees. This can be understood as Richard was instilled with

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